About Us

At Bohemian Beauty, we want you to know that we’re grateful you chose us as your preferred beauty advisers. We do everything to meet your expectations.

Since 1999 Bohemian Beauty was and always will be more than just a local beauty parlour. It's a never-ending journey to be Ulverstone's leading salon.

Bohemian Beauty's signature manicures and pedicures have been the most popular treatment with clients returning from all parts of our beautiful state. Trust us (and only us!) with your Eyebrow shaping as they really make or break your look! It's never too late for YOU TO LOVE your eyebrows! There is waxing...and there is waxing. 

Come and see us for OUR thorough waxing! We only use the best quality professional products for your treatments and home care...none of the cheap, bulk stuff! Knowledge and experience gained over 25 years from around the world and many parts of Australia gives us the confidence of giving you the best possible value for your money on the North West Coast. We provide the best natural nails manicures. 

Try our CND Shellac range - your nails are completely dry before you leave and the polish lasts up to 2 weeks (get your nails done with the French finish - AMAZING!) We can magically turn unattractive dry skin feet to feet you feel proud to show off. All you have to do is to book in for a pedicure, bring your thongs and breathe.